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The sky is not the limit especially for those who wish to be there. Aviation happens to be the most dynamic industry in India, with myriads of options available for people to work, the industry is the dream destination for many.

But the first question that comes into the mind of people is how the job scenario is for pilots and today we are here to address this query only.

Being a pilot is an attractive profession and pilots are not only in demand in India but this profession has career options across the globe but let’s focus our interest in India and job opportunities for a commercial air pilot in India.

The Factors driving tremendous growth in Job opportunities for Pilots in India-

India is witnessing compounded growth in the aviation industry and this growth is parallel creating huge job opportunities for pilots. The factors that are pushing Indian Aviation industry to this mammoth growth are:

  1. Consistent avg. growth of around 20% per year in the Domestic traffic since the last 10 years.
  2. Exponential rise in the middle class Domestic Air Traffic.
  3. Allowance of 100% FDI in Indian Aviation has lured Foreign Airlines to start completely owned airline or invest in any Indian Airline. For e.g. Qatar Airways is starting 100% owned Airline in India and even the hunt for the pilots has begun.
  4. Recently a new Airline Zoom Air has entered into the market and started its operations. This all growth is paving way for more and more lucrative job opportunities for pilots.
  5. 43 new regional airports are being connected under the “UDAN Scheme” and are expected to get operational within 2017 bringing whole new eruption in jobs for pilots. Undoubtedly this is the best time to get CPL and join the elite group
  6. India has also surpasses Japan to become 3rd largest market in Domestic Passenger traffic
  7. Indian Airliners have more than 849 pending orders or Aircraft to be delivered in next 3 years which is enough of a reason to give wings to your Flying dreams and get a CPL and join this awesome industry.


All these are an indication of the fact that there is going to be a great demand for people who are well-versed and certified aviation professionals, the jobs can range from cabin crew to commercial pilot, to cargo pilot and much more. No doubt the demand for pilots has grown mammoth and will keep growing. Skies are waiting to embrace you.

There is a huge role of Govt. also to take this swift and positive steps in the favour of Indian Aviation and giving it more acceleration adding more and more diverse Job opportunities for Pilots, Cabin Crew, AME’s, etc. Career in Aviation has surely become lot more promising. All you need is good commercial pilot training from institute like Carver Aviation and kick start your dream career of being a pilot and touching the sky.

We hope now your fear of landing job after CPL has gone.

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