How to be a skilled airline pilot

It was when the first time you had been in an airplane may be in Grade V or VI, you go the airport with your parents, stare the huge airplane with the big eyes and imagine how it would fly. You ask lot of questions out of curiosity and your parents calmly answer some of them and beautifully dodge the others.

And from that day onward, you start dreaming of becoming a Pilot or flying an aircraft one day.Sounds an interesting story. Isn’t…??? That’s the story of almost every aspiring pilot.

But becoming a skilled airline pilot does need a lot more than mere passion and hard work. You have to prepare yourself not just physically but mentally too so that you don’t panic in emergency situation & rather keep calm & quickly assess the situation and respond well and quickly.

Here is what you need to develop in yourself to be a truly good and skilled airline pilot

Aviation Knowledge: It is obviously the first & the foremost requirement to become a pilot. Aviation Training is not so tough to learn if you are ready to listen, understand, learn and memorize. You only need to choose the right institute for your commercial pilot training. Our guide will help you decide the right pilot training academy in India considering different factors like Faculty, Training Fleet, Past Placements, Safety, etc.

Good Judgment: A quick and a good judgment always makes a difference. A Pilot has to take Split-second decisions under – pressure and that is the real test for a skilled pilot. Good Judgment is a characteristic that is must for a pilot.

Skilled Pilot

A superior pilot uses his superior judgment to avoid situations which require the use of his superior skill – Frank Borman


Plan Ahead Attitude: An excellent pilot must have a “plan ahead attitude” in order to take informed and precise decisions which can have different meanings at different times. Like while landing a plane, a pilot needs to plan ahead & gather information about runaway length, traffic and weather conditions at the destination to safely and smoothly land the aircraft. So it is all about planning a little early for a forthcoming situation and also keeping the alternatives ready in case of any unexpected situation.

Think ahead of your airplane

Right Temperament: Right temperament for a pilot encompass a lot. It means a pilot must be confident and resilient enough to take the responsibility and handle any situation well and quick. He must also be organized, self-disciplined, self-motivated and goal-oriented.

Leadership Skills: A Pilot must also be a good leader in order to command and lead his or her crew. He must gain the respect of his or her team by leading through example and showing the integrity & strong team skill with the ability to work together well when required. Commanding skills of a pilot comes mainly into action in an emergency situation where Pilots need to instruct his or her team and passengers. And it is a skill that rare possess and is always tough to acquire. Tough but not impossible. But to be a skilled airplane pilot, you need to acquire Leadership skill by keep the positive attitude always, making eye contact with people around, be supportive when required and inspire people by picking up their positives too.

Listen to the airplane: Well that’s something odd. But that doesn’t means you have to literally put your ears and listen, rather you should feel the subtle signs that an airplane gives in reaction to different situations. Like paying attention to the skid ball and trying to keep it centered, being aware about the Attitude Indicator to nail the right airspeed and have better control over the aircraft.


Finally as they say a skilled airline pilot is all about Airmanship, Knowledge & Judgment.
Happy Flying!