Study Local and Go Global – Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

There is a phrase that says, Pilots need a hero too and hence God made Aircraft Mechanics.”

The field of Aircraft Maintenance is changing at a very fast pace since the time it first evolved. With the new changes taking place in the aircraft technology the role of aircraft mechanics has also evolved. It can be said that Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are the doctors for Aircraft, the way they know about the nuts and bolts of it is not every man’s job.

India is a developing nation and it is continuously growing, with the growth of aviation industry it has opened new avenues of growth and opportunities in terms of job opportunities for people. The latest buzz that has taken the country on a rise is Aircraft maintenance engineering course which has drawn the interest of youth primarily because of the practical learning and adventure that comes complimentary with this course. The rapidly changing field of aviation has opened up scope for new aviation companies to enter in this field. The open air policy has helped the entrance of many private companies to introduce airlines and feeder lines, apart from this there are many international airlines that operate from India leading to the rise of options in aviation field apart from pilot.

Let me illustrate some facts about AME course that will surely make you fall in love with this it:

  1. There is no other career opportunity than AME that gives you an option of practical hands-on training from the beginning of your curriculum. You get to feel and talk to flying machines out there.
  2. The course will take your adrenaline rush to its highest level when you get the real time training on airport and planes.
  3. An opportunity to study local and go global, the course has been designed in a manner that it helps you become eligible to work across the globe (obviously you need to fulfill some criteria defined by airlines of different nations)
  4. A new experience every day; if you have a personality who is looking to explore something new every day then my friend don’t miss out the chance to become and AME

If this has brought you on the edge of your chair ,then this is the moment for you to get your admission done but most of the people who are new to this field are unaware of eligibility criteria and Institutes for AME in India that can help you to shape your career. Let me take you through the journey of becoming an AME.



There are plethora of flying schools offering this course but as a student you must know some key pointers about this course and affiliation which will pave your way to future glory. Here we have prepared a checklist that will help you gain an insight about the course and prepare your due course of action:

The first thing as a student you must know is, AME is not a diploma or a degree program, and it’s a training program, where you need to earn your license to be eligible to work as AME or Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

Aviation has mainly two branches flying branch and maintenance branch wherein the flying branch is for the pilots, the maintenance engineer is those who take care of the maintenance of the flight. It is mandatory for Aircraft Maintenance Engineer to earn the licence from DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation) which you get once you are through with these 3 years of your training you get a licence called Basic Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Certificate or BAMEC

  • An important point to note here is that the AME is further sub-divided into categories 1. Avionics Mechanical. As a part of mechanical curriculum of AME , you get training on light and heavy airframe, radio navigation, instrument system, piston engine, jet engine, heavy airplane, and instrument system. On the other hand avionics gives you a chance to study the electrical system, radio navigation and instrumental system of the plane. Furthermore, a good institute will give you a chance to learn everything on a real plane so that you get the best understanding of the concept
  • This was the story about the course and what makes you ready to pick up the tools and work on the plane but now is the time to see what below the iceberg. There is a good amount of hard work and perseverance with dedication required to transform you into a person who will be responsible for ensuring the safety of lives of so many people. I would like to compare an AME with a doctor and why I am persistently emphasizing on this fact is to make our young aspirants understand the importance of this field, like a doctor takes care of its patients and their wellbeing similarly AME takes care of the plane, they ensure that the plane is perfect to take off .

SO, now the question that comes up is, what does it take to become an AME, so my friend here is the pointers that will elucidate the eligibility criteria that you need to fulfil to become an AME:

  1. Students who have cleared 10+2 with PCM, or have a 3-year diploma course in any engineering branch or if you have BSc degree in Physics, Maths, and chemistry, you are eligible to register for this course.
  2. At the time of preparing your bucket list of institutes offering AME course to find out if they offer training on jet engine and heavy aircraft (a strict no-no to colleges who don’t offer it)

Once all the above-mentioned points get an answer YES, it’s time for you to kick start your preparation for admission. The aviation field is open for both male and female;

Amidst the flood of so many institutes there is our Flying school at Baramati, Carver Aviation which has created a benchmark of excellence to produce some of the best AMEs in the nation. Equipped with all the facilities for thorough theoretical and practical training Carver Aviation is undoubtedly best choice for pursuing your AME Training.

Remember, the sky is the limit for normal people but for AMEs sky is limitless, if you have perseverance and are ready to face challenges then this is the course for you.

Moreover, the Indian aviation industry is on standing on the verge of expansion which will pave the way for many national and international players to enter the Indian Aviation sector.

This is creating ample set of opportunities for those who aspire to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. In the year 2015-16, all the operational airports in India handled 223.6 million passengers and the total number of aircraft movements amounted to 1.79 million, the statistics are overwhelming and shows tremendous growth of Indian aviation sector. The increased number of flights shows the increased demand of AME’s to look after and maintain the aircrafts.


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