Why you should take a Private Pilot License(PPL)

PPL- Why you should take a Private Pilot License (PPL) today…??

The exhilaration, the thrill, the excitement, the challenge about Flying is something that excites you, lures you to learn Flying, then Private Pilot License (PPL) is the first & foremost step that you should take to make your dream true.

SO what this Private Pilot License (PPL) actually is

PPL is a type of Pilot License that lets you fly an aircraft non-commercially that is you are not permitted to fly a commercial Aircraft or take charge from your passengers. You just need to select the right Flying School for PPL training and undergo DGCA approved training including a minimum of 40 hours of flying.

Once your PPL training completes and you get the license, you now have all the freedom to fly your own aircraft solo or with your family and friends for fun and leisure.

Let’s go through the lot more advantages that having a Private Pilot License (PPL) brings you.


  1. Test the waters: Making a Career choice is not an easy task. You have to consider lot of things before you jump in. It can include things like your interest, future growth, and environment or culture that you want to work in, etc.

What happens with lot of people is that when they actually jump in or choose their career, they realize that it is not exactly what they imagined or expected it. And then they fall into the dilemma of moving forward with the current choice or pursue something else. But if your Career choice is becoming a commercial Pilot then PPL Training gives you full opportunity to test the waters before going for the actual CPL Training.


  1. Business Travel: Business travel through Aircraft! That would cost a bomb! Well that’s what everyone thinks. But you know if you travel frequently & have a Private Pilot License, then you can rent a small 4-seater plane or co-own a plane with the help of intelligent concepts like Aircraft Fractional Ownership (described in detail below). Again low cost Jet A Fuel (even cheaper than petrol), enough availability of Airstrips across India, cheap parking costs makes it easy keep the operational cost to bare minimum.


  1. Aircraft Fractional Ownership: A very intelligent concept that lets you own an aircraft by just paying for the hours you actually fly.

For example, a 4-seater Aircraft generally costs around 2.5 Crores. But if owned by a group of 10 people then it would only cost Rs. 25 lakh to each. The Operational expenses will only cost around Rs. 6000/- per hour for fuel & maintenance which again can be sub-divided between 4 people at Rs. 1500/- per person.


Have a look at this video shot at our own Carver Aviation School and decide yourself


  1. Hobby Flying: Well, you are someone who has a well settled career but still has a love for flying, love for sheer challenge, excitement and fun that Flying offers then Hobby Flying is a great option for you.

With PPL, you can join any Flying Club and enjoy hobby Flying offering your friends a ride on any Saturday Evening.


  1. You just love it: Flying is an experience that many call beyond exhilarating, beyond something that can be described through words. An adventurous mixture of thrill, fear, excitement or sheer joy sometimes.So if you are someone who just loves the bird’s eye view or the rush of adrenaline that flows through your blood when you enter the cockpit.

The exhilaration of flying is too keen, the pleasure too great, for it to be neglected as a sportOrville Wright


  1. Join a Flying Club: Once you have your own PPL License, you can easily join any Flying Club and enjoy flying without shelling out a bomb on your own personal aircraft.
  2. Aerobatics: Having the PPL license, you can learn and then perform Aerobatics including all kinds of loops, tail spins, and lot other figures for all you need is the access to the right Aircraft capable of Aerobatic Maneuvers. Don’t forget to keep your Parachute ON while doing Aerobatics.
  3. Build Your Own Aircraft from Scratch: Did I just blow your mind? Yeah, you read that right. Once you have the PPL, you have all the freedom to build your own aircraft from scratch and fly it, all you need is a PPL License before that. It is just amazing that lot of passionate Aviators are putting huge efforts in creating their own personal Aircraft by passing hours & hours in designing, collecting parts and keeping it all together.
  4. Connect with Nature: Holding a PPL License and having a good training of landing at places without proper roads or runways lets you can go to remote places and enjoy the serenity and wilderness of nature
  5. Help Others: Last but not the least advantage of having a PPL is to be able to help the patients when they need to travel long with your aircraft and time.


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