Perks of Working as an Airline Pilot

Perks of Working as an Airline Pilot


That’s the one secret of every man’s career. Not education. Not being born with hidden talents. Desire.”
Bobby Unser, retired car racer.
“If you are good at something, never do it for free” – Joker, Batman.
Both these quotes, together, describe perfectly the life an aircraft pilot leads. For most, the thrill of flying planes while getting paid for it is the biggest perk. The job is also ideal for people who want to visit new places. The job pays you to travel. While away from home, pilots are also compensated with free hotel accommodation, airport transfers, and meal allowances in addition to their regular salary. We hear it all the time, “Pilots get to have breakfast in Mumbai, lunch in Dubai, dinner in Delhi, and the best part, all on the house.” Add on that the fact that on an average an airline pilot draws a salary as high as 24 lakhs per annum, which is at least four times more than what any average engineer or manager draws at the same age.
Moving to the few more subtle delights you get to enjoy as an airline pilot. The view you get from your office is unparalleled. The sunrises, sunsets and even the beam of sunrays forming the silver lining on the clouds are some of the enormous breath taking views you get to enjoy from the cockpit. You often get free tickets for you as well as your family. And finally, how many other professionals can claim that they get chauffeured to and from work. May it be the transport or the food and stay; everything is fancy, luxurious and glamorous.



But the road to becoming an airline pilot is not as easy as one would like to believe. One needs to put in the effort and dedication and need proper guidance to succeed in this field. But worry not; as long as you have the zeal, and are ready to put in the effort, Academy of Carver Aviation (ACAPL) will be there to guide you to success. May it be the confusing theory or the thrilling practical flying lessons, our instructors would be there every step of the way. Our own private ATC would ensure that you get to fly to your heart’s content in our uncontrolled air space. And let’s not for the placement assistance cell at the academy. We would train you and facilitate you in every way possible while you strive to fulfil your dream of becoming an airline pilot. With a large fleet of eleven operational airborne vehicles with access to both single and multi-machine planes, Academy of Carver Aviation is the best flying institute you can hope to join if you plan on making it big in the aviation sector

Guest EditorChayan Bhattacharya

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    I was interested in holding a cpl. Presently I m a Capt in merchant navy and would love to have dual licences. Can u send me a brochure n time for the CPL.

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