The Insider’s Guide to Flying as a Career

Aviation is one of the most exciting industries to build a career in. A career as a pilot can be both exciting as well as rewarding. One can start out by taking flying lessons at one’s local flight school and work all the way up to captain of a Boeing 777!


1. You need a Commercial pilot license to fly

Only pilots with a commercial pilot license or private pilot license can fly an aircraft. A Commercial Pilot License (CPL) is a qualification that allows you to act as a Pilot in an aviation company.

2. You need to clear your 10+2 Physics & Maths exam

– If you are a science student its great. However,  if you are a commerce or arts student you need to give Physics & Maths exam from any open board university (example National Institute Of Open Studies(NIOS)). Everyone  needs to have a Minimum qualification of 10+2 with Physics & Maths.

– You can start your training at the age of 16. However, You need to be 18 years old for CPL license.

– You need to clear the Class II Medical, which is done by a DGCA approved medical examiner.

3. Select an Institute of Repute

Join a DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) approved institute only. You need to check a few things like infrastructure, instructors, the fleet of aircrafts before selecting one.


4.Flying Training

Once you select an institute and enroll yourself, You need a mandatory 200 Hours of Flying Training as per DGCA Syllabus.

5.Skills Needed

There are a few key skills that every pilot must have.

.     Agility and physical fitness
.     Ability to take split-second decisions
.     Courage to face challenges — this could be anything from very bad weather to a hijack
.     Ability to stay focused for long hours


6. Get your CPL License

Once you have completed 200 hours of flying and  cleared theory exams you are eligible to apply for the commercial pilot license!!

7. Career Path

After you get your license, there is a  wide scope  of careers you can choose.

-You can apply in any of the airlines to work as a co-pilot.

-You can apply to work as co-pilot in any private company who  have chartered aircrafts

-You can also work as a flying instructor in any of the approved flying schools and gain experience as well as the skills which may help you to apply for airline pilot.

If you have any further query,  you can speak to one of our counselors.

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