Indian Aviation on Mammoth growth Trajectory

Aviation Industry, with the rise in the country’s economy and followed by the liberalization, has gone through a complete transformation in last decade or so. Throughout this period, the Aviation industry has shown tremendous growth along with ample of achievements to showcase it.

The Indian Avionics have hit the jackpot by procuring huge transformation in the most recent period. Following are some of the achievements which makes Indian Aviation be the most promising sector both now and in upcoming years.
1. World Largest Air Evacuation(Recorded by Guinness Book of World Records):
Way back in 1990 during the Gulf War in Kuwait, around 1,70,000 Indians got stuck and faced a real tough time. The Indian government, for the rescue of these stuck Indians, did execute the World’s largest Air Evacuation Mission ever, which continued for almost sixty days and finally managed to Airlift all those innocent Indians. It has been considered to be one of the most fragile times in the history of Indian politics, but leaving all the problems aside, the Indian Government decided to rescue its citizens, for which they held the helping hand of Air India, which executed the biggest air evacuation in the history of mankind making Indian Aviation pride than ever.

2. India to become the largest Aviation market by 2030:

As per the reports and research, the tremendous growth at which Aviation industry in India is cruising along with the more inputs in future in terms of tax benefits and implementation of Draft Civil Aviation Policy 2015, it is estimated that India will become 3rd largest Aviation Market by 2020 and largest by 2030 which is no surprise considering future opportunities and scope in the sector.

3. 100 Million Domestic passengers by the end of 2016:
With the tremendous growth every year in the Domestic passenger traffic in India, DGCA expects it to cross 100 million by the year end which would be the highest ever by any country. With the tremendous jump of 20.34% in the year 2015 followed by a jump of 23.4% in the first 4 months of 2016, it is a clear indication that future of Domestic Airliners is very bright in India

4. Magnifying airlines traffic is reporting India to be a mammoth of Industry :
This growth is reported to be almost four times above international average. The Aviation Industry in India holds around 69% of the total share of the airlines traffic in the South Asia.

Carver Aviation

5. FDI policy is offering the industry’s uncommon handouts to the domestic sector:
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced that the foreign institutional investors might have the shareholdings more than the limited 49% in the domestic sector of the Indian Aviation Industry. There is 100% tax exemption for the airport projects for a period of 10 years and 74% FDI is permissible in cargo and scheduled airlines. It is being seen as a big leap in Indian Aviation which can again push it forward with greater speeds and help achieving greater heights.

6. Indian Aviation market– tempting foreign companies to invest:
It is one of the massive achievements in itself that the Indian Aviation sector seems to be interesting enough to the foreign companies to enter into the Indian Market through collaborations with Indian Companies and also through other methods. These companies are seeking the modes of penetration into the Indian market by means of the institutional investments in the listed companies via stock exchanges and or through the joint ventures with the existing companies.

7. The Airport Development Process has taken off big in the country:
This process in the country began with Cochin International Airport (CIAL), through Public Private Partnership (PPP). Thereafter two new Green field airports at Bangalore and Hyderabad got approved. The Mumbai and Delhi airports were handed over to Joint Venture companies and 35 non metro airports being taken up for modernization. One can witness the growth in the airport infrastructure as there are proposals for more of such developmental processes.

8. Other Achievements:
i. India carries bilateral Air services Agreement with 103 countries.
ii. First Indian Airport in Private sector constructed at Cochin.
iii. Various companies have shown an interest in the Indian Aviation Industry foe making and investment in airport infrastructure.
iv. Major players of airlines industry are taking Indians across India in the most fair price policy.
v. The govt. is planning to upgrade the airports infrastructure all over the country.

This sums up the tremendous achievements of the Indian Aviation Industry which has been one of the pivotal players in the economy of the country and a great sharer in the GDP as well.

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