How to convince my Parents to let me be a Pilot

The most frequently asked question of any prospective pilot trainee is not how good the opportunities are or how safe the life of a pilot is, but “How do I convince my parents??

“…nothing is harder in the world, than convincing someone of an unfamiliar truth.” ― Patrick Rothfuss, The Wise Man’s Fear

But you know what, the truth is, you don’t need to convince your parents…If you are convinced yourself that you want to become a pilot, just drop us a message at www.carveraviation.com, and we will take care of that bit for you.

But you can certainly make our job a bit easier. In our experience, parents mostly are against aviation as a career opportunity because of four main reasons. Here I am going to arm you with some weapons which would help you dismiss a few of your parent’s worries.

  • Safety:

The first and foremost query of a parent is not if my child will get a job, nor about the investment they have to make on you. The first query that a parent makes is always about the safety. “How safe is the life of a pilot?”

For some unknown reasons most parents think flying is a very dangerous job. Whereas, in reality, the total number of fatalities due to flight accidents over an entire year is less than the deaths due to road accidents in a day. So next time your parents question your safety, assure them that safety is of paramount importance to any Aviation company. You could add that during the time you would be with ACAPL as a trainee you would be taught first-hand about all those safety precautions by our very talented and watchful flight instructors. Our young and dynamic flight instructors make the overall security of each and every trainee their prime responsibility.

  • Gender Biases:

The next thing that parents often say is that flying a plane is not a job for women. What they do not realize is that flying is one of the most gender-neutral careers to ever exist. To be a pilot you need the zeal, the desire and perseverance & obviously none of which has anything to do with gender.

Captain Aakansha Kudale -Carver Aviation


  • Market Volatility:

Next they ask about the volatility of the market. They fear that their kids might end up unemployed and waste their lives. This is again nothing but a myth. The middle class is moving from travelling by rail or roadways to flying from place to place. It’s easier, time-efficient and even the business class is not that hefty. The premium is not that high. To boost the aviation industry, the Government of India has allowed a 49%FDI in its budget. The results of all these can be seen already as the employment opportunities are only growing day by day. May it the commercial airline pilots or private chartered pilots, the demand for both are increasing at a rapid pace.

  • Financial Investment:

Next, they question the affordability of the course. A figure as high as 30 lakhs might seem unaffordable to some, but here you can make them understand that there are various loans that are available for this License as well. There is hardly a student out there, who is going through with the program without availing the option of a loan. To encourage flying as a career option, the Govt. of India also has a scholarship program as well, where they give 100% scholarship to SC/ST candidates. So in reality, being a pilot is not at all an unaffordable dream.

So, if you really want to be a pilot, now is the time to claim your license. And who better to guide you in the process than ACAPL with their state-of-the-art infrastructure, large fleet of operational air-borne flights and young, talented and easily approachable flight instructors.

So drop a message now and let us help you make your dream come true

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Guest Editor: Chayan Bhattacharya

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  1. I read in class 12 science i want to become a commercial pilot how i be??????and how many rupeed are required in this purpose?????i am poor……

    1. Thank you for taking interest in our Academy.Kindly provide your contact number.so we will call you & Provide you all details.Even we sent you all the Details of Commercial Pilot License on your Email id.Kindly check the details and Revert us on the same.

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