One of the fondest memories of my childhood has always been looking at airplanes in the sky and waving them goodbye from ground. 

I had always thought a pilot’s job to be the coolest job with no stress and believe me it’s true. No profession is easy and those who dream of becoming a pilot surely know that it is no child’s play as well but the job rewards you well enough for all the efforts and is an interesting, stimulating yet a different profession.




When flying in an airplane for the first time gave me such a great experience, a pilot’s spectacular experience of flying an airplane is beyond expressing in words.  To all the travel freaks who want to travel the world for free, becoming a pilot is surely the best option for them. India is among the top aviation sectors in the world and the job opportunities in this sector are bound to increase in the future. A growing industry and one of the highest paying jobs, all it requires is passion, dedication and a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) to fly over the world and touch the skies. A commercial Pilot usually flies multi-engine airplanes or helicopters that carry people, packages and other cargo while they may also fly aircrafts to conduct rescue and fire-fighting missions as well as charter unique flights such as aerial photography.  It is a highly responsible job making it challenging at times but also exciting.

A pilot can not only travel the world but can also get a breath-taking view from their flight deck and enjoy the earth’s scenic beauty from such a great height. Travelling and exploring different places gives them the opportunity to interact with different people and understand the culture at these places.  While away from home, pilots are generally compensated for hotel accommodation, airport transfers and meal allowances in addition to their regular salaries. A pilot also gets to share some travel benefits with their friends and family. Senior pilots also get to choose their preferred routes and schedules so there are considerable advantages of putting in the hard yards. Aside from the interesting work schedules, airline pilots also end up getting a lot of time off their job unlike other professions. This allows them the flexibility to pursue their hobbies in the meantime or take up any other part time job or even start their own business.  Other benefits that commercial pilots enjoy are good retirement benefits such as their travel benefits being extended for life and may also include good health insurance for them and their families along with paid vacations. Lastly, there is no comparison to the pride you feel walking after a successful flight in your uniform and looking at the awestruck people.

Guest Editor- Sanjuta Goel


  1. I am deeply interested to be a pilot …Please give me suggestions regarding for full filling my dream

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